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Plantar Warts

What are plantar warts?

Plantar warts are growths on the bottom of the feet caused by the HPV virus. In many ways, plantar warts resemble calluses. However, plantar warts have a few distinguishing features from calluses, including:

  • Black dots on the top layer, the ends of the blood vessel

  • Pain and discomfort when walking

  • Potential to spread in clusters

Why do I have plantar warts?

You can contract HPV that causes warts by walking barefoot in warm, moist environments such as locker rooms, public showers, and swimming pool decks.

When HPV causes plantar warts, it’s because the virus entered through a cut on your foot. However, everyone’s body responds differently to the virus as well, so it might cause warts for you but not for another member of your family.

The virus can also spread to multiple sites on your feet wherever the skin is broken. As such, it’s essential to avoid direct contact even with your warts, so the virus doesn’t spread.

When should I see a doctor about plantar warts?

Plantar warts are harmless, but they can cause discomfort and irritation. If over-the-counter wart remedies don’t work, you can contact a podiatrist for stronger treatment. Otherwise, it may take years for your warts to go away.

You may also want to set up an appointment with a podiatrist if warts:

  • Change or bleed

  • Make walking and performing daily activities painful

  • Continue to spread

You should also book an appointment if you have diabetes or a weakened immune system. And, of course, if you want quick and effective relief from this condition.

How do you treat plantar warts?

A variety of over-the-counter wart medications and solutions are available, but a podiatrist can provide more potent solutions and procedures.  If you need treatment for plantar warts in the contact West Morris Foot and Ankle online or over the phone for an appointment.

Are You Looking for Plantar Wart treatment  in Roxbury, NJ?

If you are looking for plantar wart treatment, you should reach out to a well trained podiatrist. Ready to schedule an appointment? Contact us online or at our office at (973) 370-3759.



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